Car Show Display Lighting

Car Show Display Lighting is a crucial part of any car show display. Most indoor car shows do not have the best of lighting. This can cause many of your show car’s unique features to go unnoticed by judges and car show spectators. There are several different types of lighting that you should think about when creating your car show display.

Around the Car Lighting

Adding lighting to the perimeter of your car show display will allow you to highlight your paint, wheels, or other unique exterior characteristics.

Below – As usual, Dave Kindigit produces a beautiful Vette along with a custom booth that includes a custom metal car show display kick-plate with lights.

Custom car show display with metal kickplate
Dave Kindigit custom classic Corvette.

Below – This unique custom car show display was featured at Houston Autorama. While square or rectangular car show displays are the norm, a display does not have to be limited to those shapes. However, we do recommend that you have 20’x20′ space available as 10’x20′ does not provide enough room to have unique shapes. The builder of car built this display for the car owner.

Car Show Display Ideas - Unique Shapes

Undercar lighting

Using lights under your show car in combination with some mirrors will allow judges and car show spectators to easily view the underside of your show car. Without using lights under the car it is often too dark to see many of the details you’ve worked so hard on. 

Below – Car Show Display Lighting can make a huge difference. Floor lighting in your car show display can add depth to the paint of your show car. Undercar lighting is necessary to truly make the underside details of your show car visible.

Lighting can make a huge difference. Floor lighting can add depth to the paint and undercar lighting is necessary to truly make the underside details visible.

Custom car display without lights makes viewing the craftsmanship under the show car very difficult

Custom Classic Car without any lighting

Below – Tube type custom car show display with under-car lights allows for easy viewing. The owner built the display by hand.

Under car show car lighting

Car Show Interior Lighting

Adding small non-permanent lights to the interior can help to highlight some of the custom interior pieces of your show car. Adding lights to the interior will also help the car show judges when trying to view your interior.



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